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still very, very hopeful that we will meet with him. >> but the imam believes no matter what happens, reverend jones' crusade will back fire. >> the koran, the koran, it is on the news every day. what is the koran all about? people are going to the library and borrow copies and they'll start reading it. and they say you know what? this is a lot like the bible. >> reporter: still this looming threat has sparked president barack obama to speak out against it saying the burning of it will cause retaliation. >> this kind of behavior or threats of action put our young men and women in harm's way. and it is also the best imaginable recruiting tool for al qaeda. >> reporter: locally many christian and other religious leaders are denouncing the proposed act. they joined forces today at the them on capitol hill to speak out. >> in this particular case, i'm so happy that it is not muslims who had to stand up and say this
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is wrong. it was other americans who stood up and said this is not american. >> reporter: and timam at falls church said locally the week celebrations have been pushed back to sunday out of respect for the 9/11 anniversary. back to you. >> thank you very much. now to a developing story on the fate of an american hiker detained in iran. it is unclear whether iranian authorities plan to release sarah shourd. she and two colleagues were jailed and accused of spying more than a year ago. iran said it would release shourd tomorrow but now a report out of iran today said an incomplete legal procedure has caused them to cancel the release. iran hasn't said what will happen to the other two hikers. the death toll rises following a massive explosion in a san francisco suburb. it happened last night in san bruno. at least four people are kill and dozens of homes destroyed. firefighters are still surveying the damage and looking for
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survivors. nbc's miguel has the latest. >> reporter: after hours of confusion, we know 52 people were rushed to the hospital last night. three of them injured critically. we know four people have died, although that number could increase. from 38 homes were completely destroyed. 15 acres of land totally charred. this fire is believed to have been caused by a ruptured 30-inch gas line. the scene was described as, quote, hell on earth. it ripped through san bruno, a bedroom community, after 6:00 p.m., the dinner hour. the blast was so violent, so intense, some thought it was a plane crash or an earthquake. instead, a monsterous gas bed fire ball shooting hundreds of feet into the air. it is all taking place in the middle of a community. a neighborhood. asphalt melted, windows shattered. the sky turned black from billowing smoke. the heat could be felt for
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blocks. as it hopscotched from home to home, it was out of control all night. this morning firefighters said they have contained the blaze. they're back at the blast site with search dogs looking for anyone who may not have made it out. in san bruno, back to you. >> california lieutenant governor abel maldonado said 52 people are in the hospital at this hour. eight are listed in critical condition. the search is on for a man who is ill posing as a police officer. investigators are looking for him. they spotted a car on the side of the road in manassas. he identified himself as a virginia state trooper. further investigation revealed he is not a trooper and there is now a search warrant for his arrest. the man accused of shooting his ex-girlfriend is in custody but his vehicle is still missing. tuesday the montgomery county police say joshua prince fired at least one shot at his ex. that sparked a regional manhunt
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and he later turned himself into police in pennsylvania. authority have not been able to locate the chevy tahoe. authorities will escort prince back to montgomery county where he is facing attempted murder charges. several attack around the university of maryland campus are prompting authorities to step up the patrols this weekend. prince george's county + say there have been at least five robberies around umd in just the last three week. three students were reportedly beaten and robbed last weekend. the robberies were reported on monday within minutes of each other. the university's police chief that he may form a task force to focus this problem. decision go 2010. some 1,500 d.c. inmates cast their ballots for the mayor's race today. it was reorganized by the network for returning citizens. the organization helps released inmates transition back to society. under city law, citizens jailed for misdemeanors have the right to vote along with those awaiting trial. and we're heading into the final
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weekend of the contested race for mayor of d.c. both mayor adrian fenty and front running challenger. they tried to rally their voters. tom sherwood joins us with more. >> there was one unusual moment. that's when the mother of a former mayor got into the act. >> reporter: what was your view of the questions? >> reporter: at wtop rodeo friday, fenty and gray passed each other in the newsroom disagreeing the school chancellor michelle rhee, gray won't say whether he would keep the leader. >> i want to sit down with her after the primary so we can get a sense of where she is and where i am and what the chemistry will be. >> reporter: and fenty again stated he's made a mistake by not reaching out to more citizens. >> spending so much time. absolutely getting things done. focusing on results. that's been, you know, both my legacy as mayor and maybe a little bit of my albatross.
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>> reporter: at a later candidate forum in georgetown, fenty was acknowledging support from anderson williams when he was interrupted by a woman in the audience. >> we're talking about williams. i'm very glad to have his support and endorsement. when mayor williams introduced chancellor -- >> can you ask people not to interrupt? >> the person who was responding to that in the audience is not just a casual observer. she has to be williams' mother. >> reporter: she claims they have mischaracterized her son's positive comments about fenty but mayor williams has made no effort to deny the endorsement. although gray won't comment on michelle rhee, he has praised the wife of the police chief. we have rain moving in for the weekend. will it impact people heading out for the big game?
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doug kammerer has the conditions. >> we have not seen significant rain in our region for about three weeks. but now we're seeing some rain moving in. are you kidding me? it looks like it could be raining but these are low to mid level clouds. no rain to be talking about at this time. as far as temperature go, 75 degrees. that's the current temperature. winds out of the northwest at nine miles an hour. live digital doppler, no rain to talk about. it will not be raining tomorrow. our next chance of rain will be on sunday. frederick, maryland, coming in at 75 degrees. sterling, virginia, around 73. same in herndon. manassas at 75. 75 as well. your good night forecast, 69 degrees at 9:00 a.m. as you wake up, 61 by 5:00 a.m. a little on the cool side. 62 at 7:00 a.m. with some sunshine tomorrow. but yes, there is some rain in the forecast for sunday. so will it impact the game? my complete forecast is coming
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up. still ahead, a tribute to our fallen soldiers. how a local high school is keeping their memory alive. also coming up, nine years later. as the anniversary of the 9/11 terror attacks approaches, you'll hear from people still coming to grips with the tragedy. targeting distracted drivers. how police in one local county plan to crack down on those of you who text behind the wheel. and the redskins take on the cowboys. tonight the bible guide for football fans who get and around fed-ex field. news4 at 5:00 is just getting started.
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no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen, hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone
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and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
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a fast forward through headlines. plans by a a florida pastor to baurn koran tomorrow are still off. despite a day of confusion over the issue. the soften reverend terry jones said his father called off the burning and claimed he had a prom that a mosque wouldn't be
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built near ground zero. but developers of the mosque deny that claim. firefighters are looking for survivors after a massive explosion rocked the suburban san francisco neighborhood. four people were kill in last night's blast. still no word on what caused the gas line to rupture. people in the university of maryland community can speck more police patrol this is weekend. it's a response to several recent beatings and robberies around campus. five have been reported in the last three week. >> beautiful friday. lovely and cool. a little sweater weather? >> an even better saturday. the redskin game comes and the weather -- well, the weather may, it should be okay. >> it should be okay. just amazing. we haven't seen rain for three week and now we've got the first game of the season and we're talking about a chance of rain. how about that? plenty of sunshine out there with some cloud cover as well.
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we'll call it mostly cloudy skies. at the national today they had a ral, looking good. the temperature have been held down. 75 degrees. that's the current temperature. human around 39%. winds out of the northwest at about nine miles per hour. temperaturewise, cool, 71 in haguetown. we're looking at manassas. no clouds around culpepper. that allowed them to get to around 81 degrees during the day. i saw 82 a little earlier. leonardtown, salisbury at 74 degrees. we did have some cloudiness making its way down. this is the system that will make its way. nice weather in here for the day tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. then we'll watch this area of pressure bringing in shower activity during the day on sunday. we are not going to see line of rain. maybe a tends to a quarter of an inch of rain. this area of low pressure off
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the coast given us a slight, slight chance of a shower. even around game time. around 8:00. most of the rain will be done by 3:00. but there is a possibility of a light shower as the redskins take on the cowboys for the home opener. south winds at 5 to ten miles an hour. that should not be a factor. but i do not expect weather to be a major factor during the game. partly cloudy, comfortable, 69 to 74. tomorrow morning, looking good but again on the cool side. still fall-like. 49 in the cooler suburbs. 59 in the cities. winds out of the north, it will feel kind of chilly. we will warm up nicely. money, a great day. get out and enjoy it. the temperatures, 78 to 80. you could not ask for a better saturday in the month of september. there is that chance of rain on sunday. then drying out monday into tuesday. we look toward the extended, we keep our temperatures in the 70s. they move up again with another chance of rain on friday.
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>> if you're going to tailgate, i would take the umbrella but i think for the game you'll be all right. >> thanks a lot. fairfax county police are giving drivers fair warning. >> they're launching a campaign that go after distracted drivers in a whole new way. alcarey is here to explain. >> reporter: distracted driving caused 80% of all accidents and texting while driving is the biggest couple pretty. virginia's law is almost impossible to enforce. the steering wheel in one hand. the cell phone in the other. fairfax county police have seen enough. they're going to attack distracted driving in a brand new way. because virginia's law against texting while driving has too many loopholes, they'll instead turn to a different charge. failure to pay full time and attention. >> we'll be stopping drivers that we observe engaging in some
5:16 pm
kind distracted driving behavior. eating or personal grooming or talking on the cell phone. and because of that, their driving is not where it should be. >> on the training course, police use reporters to drive it home. to simulate the impact distraction can have on driving, i set out on a course that might recreate a small residential street or parking lot. the officer was shotgun. it wasn't long before the first text arrived. >> if you just read to it me out loud. >> it says, got it. next distraction, a call tame my passenger is giving directions. >> hi. it's julie. >> head straight down the straightaway. >> yeah. >> we're almost -- >> okay. i'm sorry? >> we're almost at a complete stop. >> the trouble is i'm supposed
5:17 pm
to be going 25. last challenge? reading directions to a caller while navigating cones. i almost made it. the officers say the kind of driving i just did is exactly what they will be watching for. they see a car that is braking for no apparent reason, they're going to get up and look and see what that driver is doing. if they're doing something that is causing them to be distracted, they will stop and ticket them. >> police will be use splg less than typical vehicles to carry out the campaign. i'll show what you will be on distracted driving patrol at 6:00. >> i think did you better than i've seen some other people doing. >> that explains why she didn't pick up the phone while we were call her today. >> i had my hands full. >> thank you. still ahead, does smoking hurt your chances of having children? the surprising study that is lighting up the new debate. i'm liz crenshaw. why is diesel fall more expensive than regular gas. that's the question.
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the answer is coming up. and a world renowned photographer spent two years capturing endangered animals and you can see his work without ever stepping inside
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why is diesel fuel more expensive than regular gas? what is the safest way to get rid of old medication? what is the best time of year to buy furniture and appliances? liz crenshaw is here to answer all of your questions on this friday. >> hi there. it is true. diesel is more. the first question comes from bobby in spotsylvania county, virginia. >> bobby says fuel used to be cheaper than usual. why is it more expensive? >> we should check with the
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energy information administration for this. it said diesel fall has been more expensive in recent years because of higher demands around the world. the transition to diesel fuel with lower pollution rates also affected production and cost. and the federal tax for diesel fuel, get this, is a full 6 cents per gallon higher than the regular tax which adds to the cost. so there you go. there is an answer to that. >> you're not making this up. so all the medication, what is the best way to get rid of old medication? this is a tricky one. >> we did contact the substance abuse and mental health services administration. and the fish and while life services to get your answer. both stay best thing to do, get this. grind up the unused pills or dissolve them in water. also, dilute your liquid medications as well. simply mix the drug with old coffee grounds or kitty litter or saw dust. place that mixture in a seal plastic bag and then, only then toss it in the trash. you can also try your local pharmacy.
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some do have a drug take-back program. however, don't flush unused drugs down the toilet. there is evidence that they end up in the water supply and we don't want to think about what is happening to our fish and wildlife. >> right. when they have two different sexes. >> yeah. right out here in the potomac. >> our last questions come from two viewers. is there a better time of year? >> we did check with kiplinger. it has compiled a list of the best bargains for each month of the year. and get this. september and rocket toctober a best time. new appliances are hitting the showroom so you get a great deal on the older model that's they are trying to clear out of the stores. for furniture, the best month is july. for the same reason, new furniture gets to the showroom in mid summer and you can save 10% to 50% on the older items they make room for the new
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inventory. if you want to see that full list of when to buy everything from flood insurance to frozen foods, to go so we did that for you. i think they did a nice job. >> great. we missed the furniture one. >> a new refrigerator. still ahead, a tragedy and tribute for the 9/11 victims. i'm jane watrel. a day of reflection on the eve of the anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks. i'll have the story. check out d.c.'s new waterfront destination. the size of four football fields and open to the public. we'll tell you what it has to offer. and justin beeber is in big trouble. he tried to play a prank at the ♪
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a fast forward through headlines, police looking for an accused gunman's vehicle on. tuesday, joshua prince sparked a regional manhunt after he allegedly took a shot at his girlfriend. he surrendered to officers in pennsylvania but police say his vehicle still missing. prince now faces attempted murder charges. fairfax county police are cracking down on distracted driving. officers say they will now pull people over for failure to pay full time attention to the road. that appears drivers, from eating, talking and using cell phones. the d.c. school chancellor michelle rhee was a topic. mayor fenty said he would keep her if elected. challenger gray said he is not so sure. let's fast forward to the weather. >> that weather is looking pretty good. even better during the day tomorrow. let's take a look. a mixture of sun and clouds. we're starting to see more sunshine outside.
5:29 pm
temperature, 75 degrees with that sun and that cloud mixture. humidity at 39%. winds out of the northwest at 9 miles an hour. this is what you can expect. your good night forecast, 69 degrees. 11:00, 66. the temperature falling fairly quickly. 61 by 5:00 a.m. some areas waking up to the low 50s as you wake up tomorrow morning. as you move through the day, here's what you can expect for temperatures. 80, up toward frederick maryland at 79. annapolis coming in at 77. a good day to get out on the chesapeake. the forecast in a little bit. >> thanks. tomorrow marks nine years since the september 11 terror attacks. for many, the memories of that day are still fresh. >> today pentagon has again become the site of a solemn remembrance to honor those lost, we're hearing from people who were there that day. jane watrel is at the pentagon. >> reporter: for many of those directly affected by the 9/11
5:30 pm
attack, they say it just doesn't seem possible that they happened nine years ago. >> reporter: the firefighters bowed their heads in a moment of silas a wreath rests at the pentagon's 9/11 memorial. these were some of the first responders to the 2001 terror attacks. >> so many people have now nine years without loved ones that were lost here. for all of my memories, that is one that lingers for those families every single day. >> reporter: rosemary came to the service to honor her late husband. eddie was among 184 victims honored at this memorial. he was on board american airlines flight 77 when it crashed into the pentagon. >> it is hard to deal with. i just start crying. it doesn't get -- i know it is supposed to get easier. you're supposed to find closure. and i have never found cloish.
5:31 pm
>> reporter: the attack in d.c., new york, and the downed plane in pennsylvania made headlines around the world. on display as part of a permanent collection at the museum. a battered and melted broadcast tower from the second world trade center is also part of the emotional exhibit. >> it is breathtaking. it is pretty -- it hits you. >> reporter: a day etched into the memory of those first on the scene. >> surreal. it was such a beautiful day. and it certainly turned very terrible very quickly. >> reporter: and those who watched from afar but felt compelled to stop by on the eve of the anniversary of the attacks. >> it is very moving to look at the building and to know that it caused so much heart ache and so many deaths. >> reporter: president obama will be here at the pentagon tomorrow morning for another wreath-laying ceremony to honor
5:32 pm
those killed in the september 11 attacks. reporting live at the pentagon. back to you in the studio. >> thank you, jane. as part of the 9/11 tribute, students from langley high school in mclean planted nearly 3,000 american flag at the entrance to the school. the they each represent a person killed in the terrorist attacks on september 11. the florida pastor who threatened to burn copies of the koran tomorrow is nowback down. >> joining us to talk about the implications behind this whole situation, david gregory of "meet the press." this has been an amazing thing to witness this man's power. this little guy with 50 parishioners. did the federal government, president obama, general petraeus, fuel this? how did this get so out of control? >> media has a role. certain when i they are calling him, it all elevated. the president said today that he
5:33 pm
didn't know what role he played in elevating it. of course they did. but the president also felt that he didn't have a choice. they made it a calculation that they couldn't have this stunt go forward. for others to think they could do this in america, you know, general petraeus is in afghanistan. i was there a month ago. he's dealing with this communications problem. the taliban is responsible for atrocities against muslims. and yet the united states is the one that is distrusted or the government that we back there. he has a real problem where he doesn't want another abu ghraib-like situation. however isolated it may be to us, in the rest of the world, it can be amplified to being a major incident for america desecrating a holy book for millions of muslims. they've made this decision they had to weigh in. in the process, they've given him a lot of attention and so has the media according the story. >> president obama spoke about the economy in his news conference this morning.
5:34 pm
he said there are signs of improvement but he admitted things are moving painfully slow. how concerned do you the white house is about this upcoming mid-term election becoming a referendum on the administration's policy? >> what the president is trying to do is say we're going in the right direction because of thing i've done. and the other guys, the republicans want to take you back to what bush did. the public doesn't really buy that, number one. according to our most recent poll. in reality, the poll indicating seven out of ten americans know somebody who has been laid off. we all have a connection to this recession. here's the most crucial point, i think. that americans have lost confidence in this president's ability to tackle the economic problem. they're not confident about thing getting better. that's why november will be so difficult for the president, for his party. i think what he is trying to do is mitigate it the best he can. >> what's coming up on sunday? >> we'll deal with all these issues including this wave of anti-muslim sent i am as we observe the anniversary of 9/11.
5:35 pm
we'll have rudolph giuliani talking about this in our political roundtable. >> we'll see you then. >> thanks. a new water front park is now open to the public. it is the yard's park along the anacostia river. and east of nationals ballpark. the five and a half acre spark billed as the center piece of the capital river front neighborhood. it features open grassy areas and a dog run, a water fall and elevated overlook. and a quarter mile long boardwalk. this weekend's opening celebration includes local bands and performers, exhibit, kids activities, food and fireworks. >> the first stretch of the intercounty connector will be opening soon. the first people to use it won't be in cars. maryland transportation official are hosting a 5 k run on october 17th along the first new second quarter of that highway. the stretch between i-370 and georgia avenue. it first of five segments which should be open to drivers within three to four months. still ahead, why justin
5:36 pm
bieber's backstage antics almost got him arrested. and smoke ding could affect man's sperm down.
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us a new study connects smoking and a man's sperm count, and some monster trucks in japan are getting a lot of attention. two new studies suggest smoking harm sperm. a study finds that men who smoke heavily don't produce enough of the hormone that is crucial to development. a smoking test on women shows they have lower numbers of the cell that would grow to become
5:40 pm
sperm. justin bieber almost got arrested sunday before his concert at the maryland state fair. he was horsing around backstage and throwing water balloon. a state trooper who was standing by for crowd control duty got hit in the gun belt. he was about to slap the cuffs on bieber, but the teen heartthrob's bodyguard talked the officer out of it. in japan, a plain old box truck will not do. truck drivers like to express their personalities in their creativity by designing elaborate decorations and lighting them for their rides. they call them art trucks. and every year they get together to compare notes. wendy? >> i can see your truck looking like that. >> i know you do. >> what's coming up at 6:00? >> coming up, the police have made an arrest linked to three
5:41 pm
murders in the city. the championship boxer floyd mayweather jr., they locked him up. least they arrested him. still ahead, the redskins hoping for a win in sunday's home game opener against the cowboys. how you can beat the traffic if you're heading to fed-ex field and what you might expect to see once you get there. in sports, it's friday. time for some high school football. the story of a senior garnering some na
5:42 pm
5:43 pm
5:44 pm
hello, everybody. we've seen another pretty nice day out there. a little fall-like with temperature in the low to middle 70s for a lot of us and a lot of cloud cover as well. some peeks and pokes at sunshine. temperatures have been in the 70s for the most part. right now, culpepper with more sun than clouds has come in with
5:45 pm
81 degrees. the current temperature, 74. what is to snekt 79 degrees tomorrow with plenty of sunshine. i think a super saturday. sunday, a pretty good chance of shower activity. i think most of that will be out of here by the time the redskins take on the cowboys on sunday night. monday and tuesday looking very, very nice. >> and the fan are gearing up for the season opener against the cowboys this sunday. >> if you're lucky enough to be going to the game, you'll notice a few upgrades. darcy spencer is live with the survival guide for sunday's game. hi, darcy. >> reporter: the game is still a couple days away but authorities want people to develop their plan to get here right now. the game doesn't kick off until 8:20 sunday night. the gates will open at fed-ex feel at noon. police stay way to avoid gridlock is to get here early. come sunday, the fed-ex field parking lot will once again be
5:46 pm
filled with fans full of hope. this time it will be different. this time the skins are teague their arch rival, the dallas cowboys on home turf for the season opener. >> this is like our super bowl. the redskins go in. >> reporter: the maryland state police officials say sunday could be the perfect storm for grid lock. they're expecting huge crowds coming to see the new players on the team including quarterback donavan mcnabb, coming to watch the team take on dallas, coming to see the first home game of the season. their advice, get here early and avoid the most popular beltway exit such as landover road. >> there is exit 13 and exit 15, central avenue. and take those roads over to morgan boulevard and use those as an access. it will probably make the commute a lot easier. >> reporter: some fans plan to avoid the traffic altogether. i will be at home watching the game, enjoying it. and watching us win.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: this year fans will notice some additions meant to improve the conditions. it will make it easier to keep one action. all monitored in a state of art control room. >> it was very nice. i'm glad that mr. snyder made those upgrades. one thing about it is, he is always trying to make it brighter. >> reporter: the redskins safety who was murdered in 2007. there will be new parking and the parking lot will be available at landover road and bryce street road. the bad news is $40 per vehicle to park in this lot and it is on a first come, first serve basis. we should mention metro will be open late to accommodate fans trying get home after the game. darcy spencer, news4.
5:48 pm
back to you. >> thanks. if you just don't want to deal with all that mess out there, you can stay in your comfortable home and watch the game on nbc 4. coverage begins at 8:15 sunday night. football here on nbc 4. now to high school football. dan hellie is here with more on the featured game. >> a huge one tonight, ladies. it is safe to say the friday night lights burning the brightest. the cougars are hosting damascus. both teams ranking in the top ten. they've won five straight over damascus by an average of 25 points per game. if thing are going to change this year, brandon phelps will have to step up. now more on the best player. one of the top wide receivers in the country. >> reporter: hello. high school friday night. love it. best time of the year. good times and you're talking
5:49 pm
about brandon phelps, the damascus senior wide receiver and defensive back. he is the third ranked prospect in the state. one of the best in the nation. he received more than 20 scholarship offers. you name the school and it is probably on the list. when you talk about high school athletes, that have the "it" factor, brandon phelps certainly has it. >> reporter: leaving the ball on the football feel is damascus senior brandon phelps. he is in the center of the swarm. phelps is one of the top prospects in the country. his passion for football runs in the family. >> he is always telling me about how he played football. i didn't want to play this game and i picked it up and i loved it ever since. >> it is really his desire to do well. even as a young kid.
5:50 pm
the way his eyes light up when he would run the ball and get good yardage, he was just like, like marveling. i can't say that i knew he was going to get as many scholarship offers as he did. i knew that he would be a special kid. >> reporter: that's gary phelps and his kid is just that. special. wide back and receiver caught the attention of school all over the nation, earning 21 college scholarship offers. to brandon it was easy. the university have virginia where his father played wide receiver and linebacker in the early '80s. >> that sentimental value for my parents. my mom and dad went there and everything. that's where all may family lives. they live there in virginia and i know it means a lot to them for them to see me play and everything. that played a big part. >> i'm very pleased with the decision of him going to virginia. i think that's a very good fit
5:51 pm
for him. that i know academically, he will get the tang he needs so that he is successful in life. i think from a football stand point, i think he'll have an opportunity to go down there and play. so i feel real good about his decision to go into virginia. but i did not push him in that direction. >> reporter: brandon started playing football at the age of 7. his dad was his coach. the father and son not only grew close on the field but off it as well. >> brandon and i spent a lot of time together as he was growing up. i was one of his coaches. his father, he was at home with me all the time. we spent time with my father down on the farm riding dirt bikes. we kind of grew up together. i think that has helped our relationship. it wasn't just about football. it was other things that were nonathletic driven.
5:52 pm
>> he means a lot tow many. he is my dad and everything but i can come and talk to him about everything. he raised me and taught me how to be a man. >> reporter: between brandon, a future college athlete, and gary, the former college athlete, competition is a part of their camaraderie. >> i would tell him i would cover him if i was playing when he played. just a little friendly trash talk. >> reporter: how would you cover your dad? you're a quarterback. he is a receiver. how would you cover? he is a big dude. >> i would shut him down. get in his face. not let him get off the line. >> reporter: you know what his dad said, yeah, right. you would not have a chance, son. pretty cool tonight. both schools are involved in raising money for the juvenile diabetes foundation, research foundation. battle for a cure for $10 being sold. both schools making a big effort. a huge cause in juvenile diabetes research foundation. they're selling these shirts to raise awareness.
5:53 pm
highlights tonight from the game of the week. damascus playing. it should be a good one. >> thank you very much. enjoy the game. >> that will be fun out there. >> don't you know it. >> an impressive young man. >> very much so. coming up on the brink of extinction, a look
5:54 pm
no oil has flowed into the gulf for weeks, but it's just the beginning of our work. i'm iris cross. bp has taken full responsibility for the clean up in the gulf and that includes keeping you informed. my job is to listen to the shrimpers and fishermen,
5:55 pm
hotel and restaurant workers and find ways to help. that means working with communities. we have 19 centers in 4 states. we've made over 120,000 claims payments, more than $375 million. we've committed $20 billion to an independent claims fund to cover lost income until people impacted can get back to work. we'll keep looking for oil, cleaning it up if we find it and restoring the gulf coast. i was born in new orleans. my family still lives here. bp is gonna be here until the oil is gone and the people and businesses are back to normal... until we make this right.
5:56 pm
extinction. to no longer exist. conservationists are warning more species are becoming endangered or extinct because of human activity on this planet. >> "national geographic" allows us to come face to face with our losses in a new exhibit called rare. portraits of species hanging by a thread. the mexican gray wolf of the western united states. the beautiful ocelot, once vibrant, and the salt creek beetle. their days are dwindling. the photographer spent two years photographing the endanger asked nearly extinct creatures of north america. and his work now hang in the windows of the "national geographic" society on 17th street downtown.
5:57 pm
some like the dusky seaside sparrow are already gone. the last one died in 1987. its glassy eyes stare out from a jar. it was destroyed by the mosquitos and the space program. under each there is a copper panel telling us how many are left. some appear to be large. this butter play the has 40,000 left. that's relative. >> sometime if it is less than 50,000 it is in trouble because it shows us that thing are happening to our environment, to our environment, to our ecosystem that is seriously impacting the world. >> reporter: some number are so low they're on the edge of extinction. the living dead as some call them. too often there is a zero. or a question mark. losing one species can have a detrimental effect on other species because they're all connected. >> if that flower population go
5:58 pm
away, that butterfly will go away. we need to be concerned about those connections. >> reporter: the signs explain human develople, habitat degradation, hunting, oil pipelines, all continue to the loss of this plant, this animal, this insect. the photographs look out from the "national geographic" so you can see them as you pass by. lit at night, they become especially beautiful and haunting. species can become extinct over time every million years or so. but conservationists worry about the extinction rate is now coming 1,000 time faster in the past century. this is the colombian basin pygmy ran are it of washington state. this was the last of them onner. it has since died. add another zero to the list. >> you can see rare hanging in the windows, looking out of the "national geographic" society until october 11th. and seeing it at night, it is amazing. just beautiful.
5:59 pm
>> amazing. news4 at 6:00 starts right now. the controversy continues over a florida pastor's throat burn the muslim holy book. >> the pentagon the site of a holy book. fairfax police are giving everyone fair warning. they will go after you if you are driving while distracted. >> we begin with a gas explosion that set an entire neighborhood on fire. good evening. >> that gas explosion leveled homes yesterday evening. it happened near san francisco. at least four people were killed. fire crews spent the day sifting through dozens of burned out houses trying to account for anyone who might still be missing. here's the report from san bruno, california. >> reporter: the massive pl

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